Sunday, December 03, 2017

Students Collaborate to Create Classroom Videos - Part 1

This is the first in a set of postings featuring videos that were created by university students at the University of Massachusets Amhurst (UMass) and the University of Northern Iowa.  These videos were designed to address important topics and to be used in a classroom with students. This was a global collaboration project completed in the Fall semester of 2017.

Give us your feedback: We have used FlipGrid to provide a way for you to present your own feedback on the videos.  Please click on each title, watch the video, and then click on the + provide your personal feedback.

Data and the Internet was created by
  • Nicole Akkad - University of Northern Iowa            
  • Matthew Kelly - UMass Amhurst
  • Danielle Means -  University of Northern Iowa  
  • Kathryn Zablocki - UMass Amhurst

Data and Privacy
 was created by
  • Armanda Auriemma - UMass Amhurst
  • Erin Hoffman -  University of Northern Iowa  
  • KConor Sheehan- UMass Amhurst
  • Lacey Windquist - University of Northern Iowa    

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