Sunday, December 03, 2017

Students Collaborate to Create Classroom Videos - Part 2

These videos deal with Cyberbullying.  These groups provide multiple perspectives for defining cyberbullying and dealing with it.

We have used FlipGrid to provide a way for you to present your own feedback on the videos.  Please click on each title, watch the video, and then click on the + provide your personal feedback.

Cyberbullying was created by
  • Dante Means -  University of Northern Iowa  
  • Cameron Pavao - UMass Amhurst
  • Katrina Serrano - University of Northern Iowa     
  • Erin Toohey - UMass Amhurst

Cyberbullying with Race and Gender was created by
  • Jamie Burke - UMass Amhurst
  • Sara Butcher -  University of Northern Iowa  
  • Jim Chen - UMass Amhurst
  • Nathan Hermida - UMass Amhurst
  • Ashley Lyng - University of Northern Iowa     

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